This is a picture of myself, Mary, and Carmel taken in a photo booth on a school tour to the big smoke (Dublin) when we were teenagers! Happy days.

We have been friends since, and together we set up The Irish Soda Bread Way in 2019. Carmel reckons the success of the Irish Soda Bread Way is because we draw on each other’s strengths and complement each other, Yin and Yang!

A few years ago I was killing time in London after a work conference, waiting for a flight home to Ireland. I decided to take a Walking Tour of London. The tour guide rocked up, a beautiful, grey-haired, well-spoken, graceful lady.

She announced, “ I’m Jane your tour guide and I’m aged seventy. Did you know that tour guiding is the only career that is not ageist? ”.

There and then I had a light bulb moment. I decided that for the next chapter in my life I wanted to be one! A Tour Guide! I enrolled in a Failte Ireland Tour Guiding course and was accredited in 2018. So how would I use the new skills that I had learned?

I immediately thought of my good friend Carmel, who taught Home Economics in the local Secondary school for many years. What a domestic goddess age is!  She can rustle up a meal from an empty cupboard, no problem!  She even made our distinctive crossover aprons for The Irish Soda Bread Way.

We brainstormed and came up with the idea of The Irish Soda Bread Way. We got great feedback from the very start in 2019. Then there was COVID and we didn’t operate in 2020 and 2021. But now we are back and having a great 2022. 

We both love a bit of fun, the chat, and meeting people. The skills we have gleaned in our previous lives serve us well and we are a great team together operating The Irish Soda Bread Way.