Westport Walkabout

After your visit to The Irish Soda Bread Way explore Westport on foot. No transport is

required to get to these gems. We have it all on our doorstep. History, shopping,

gastronomy, woodland trails, a wild Atlantic seaside stroll, and a dip in it if

you’re brave enough!

Croagh Patrick

Westport has long been an area of human settlement. From the earliest times, it has been a place of pilgrimage associated with  Ireland’s Holy Mountain Croagh Patrick, at whose foot it lies. St. Patrick is said to have fasted on the summit of Croagh Patrick for 40 days and 40 nights in 441 A.D.  Pilgrims have been climbing the mountain for generations since.

Westport Town

The town of Westport grew from a decision by the Browne family in the first half of the 18th century to develop the town. Westport House which the Browne family built and lived in for over 300 years is one of the most significant historical homes in the West of Ireland.

The Mall and the Carrowbeg River

Standing on the bridge into Westport Town, enjoy the river for a few minutes, turn left over the bridge, and stroll along the tree-lined boulevard, with lovely Georgian facades to admire. On the right side of the street stands an old Methodist Church ( now a food establishment). It was built in 1876 on the same site as the original church built in 1791. 

Choose your own path

At this point, you can choose to take either

A further looped walk around

the town 20 - 30 mins (if no dawdling)!


Take a longer walk towards Westport House and the Quay area ( 3.5km, 1 hour)


A further looped walk around

the town 20 - 30 mins (if no dawdling)!

Take a longer walk towards Westport House and the Quay area ( 3.5km,1 hour)

Route A

Turn left at the Olde Railway Hotel and cross the bridge towards James Street. You will see a tall spire-like monument in the distance. It was erected in 1845 in memory of George Glendenning, a local agent, and banker. St. Patrick replaced him in 1990. 

As you walk up the street note the building on your right at the pedestrian crossing (now Intreo). This was the townhouse of Lord Sligo of Westport House. During the famine in the 1840s, the Browne family closed up Westport House and lived here. 

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Route B

From the Olde Railway Hotel, cross the street and turn right. You will see Holy Trinity Church ahead on your left. This gothic-style church was built in 1872.

Take the left turn before the church, pass Carrowbeg College, Lidl, and some commercial units on your right, until to come to an entrance for Westport House, on the grounds of Hotel Westport. 

Enjoy the 100-acre parkland of magnificent broad-leaved woodland planted in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. There are two routes  ( approx.3.5 km)  to choose from, an easy river walk on the flat, or a slightly more challenging one through the woods.

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Things to Do and See

Clew Bay

Explore the seas of Clew Bay for a few hours just like the O’Malley’s did before us.

History tells us that the O’Malley clan were the ruling family of the Mayo area for centuries, facilitated by their prowess as seafarers and pirates. The most notorious member of the O’Malley clan was of course our very own Grace O’Malley (1530-1603) the pirate Queen. She was based on Clare Island, which is situated at the mouth of Clew Bay and ruled the seas from there.

Westport Quay

To get back to the centre of Westport Town you can do so via The Westport Greenway. The  Greenway follows the old disused railway line from Westport town to the Quay and is traffic free (2.5km)  Walk past The Coast Hotel and keep left for 5 minutes. The entrance to the Greenway is in to your left at the bus station. 

The Greenway ends at a steep hill onto Altamount Street. Turn left onto the Fairgreen and you are back at the Mall and the Carrowbeg river.

Get more ideas on what to do on the Westport Travel Guide by Kayak.

The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is Ireland’s first long-distance touring route. For 2500km it will take you along the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean Coast from Donegal in the North to West Cork in the South.

There are so many different experiences to explore along the route. It is a place where land and sea collide. It is a place where you can explore life in Ireland shaped by the Atlantic. It is a place to discover your spirit of adventure.

Right in the heart of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, Mayo embraces the Atlantic Ocean with many of the County’s landmarks dotted along its coastline. – majestic Croagh Patrick and Clew Bay near Westport, Achill’s soaring sea cliffs, and the majestic coastline of Downpatrick Head in North Mayo.

Explore The Great Western Greenway connecting Westport to Achill Island, an award-winning family-friendly biking trail with stunning scenery, historic villages, ancient ruined abbeys, arts, crafts, and even some wild Irish goats!

Westport is a natural place to base yourself while exploring this beautiful unspoiled part of Ireland. Just one hour from Ireland West International Airport, and one hour from Connemara you will never be short of places to visit or sites to see