In Search of The Perfect Recipe for Brown Soda Bread on the Wild Atlantic Way

This is indeed a very controversial topic! Is there such a thing as the perfect brown soda bread recipe?

I will start with my mother’s brown bread…. Yes, it was delicious and yes, it was almost  perfect in every way. But there’s a problem! SHE WEIGHED NOTHING!

Obviously, I cannot reproduce her wondrous bread, no more than I can paint a copy of the Sistine Chapel.

Moving on to my school days. The recipe we used in school was from a book called “ All in the Cooking”. Sadly, it is out of print for many years, maybe if I trawled through the second-hand book shops…. However, I always felt, that recipe wasn’t brown enough somehow.

There are lots and lots of brown bread recipes with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and even bird seeds! Are they really Irish brown bread?

I have tweaked and tweaked again our recipe for brown soda bread at The Irish Soda Bread Way. What is it I am looking for?

  • A simple brown bread recipe, good for beginners
  • Not too many ingredients, which are readily available
  • Authentic Irish ingredients
  • Cooks in less than 40 minutes
  • Looks and tastes delicious

I think I’ve got it!

Thanks Carmel!bread

Come join us and judge for yourself! Our baking experience is one of the great Things to do in Westport, County Mayo, on The Wild Atlantic Way.