We are preparing for our May Day Facial,  the traditional way!

May Day marks the start of the Celtic festival of Bealtaine.

Directly translated Bealtaine  means  “mouth of fire”,  from the Gaelic word “ Beal” ( mouth) and tine (fire). It signifies the return of the light and Summer, A time of much lighting of fires!   https://uisneach.ie

It is one of the four major Celtic Festivals, Imbolc on February 1st, Lughnasa, on August 1st, and Samhain, on November 1st.

We plan to collect enough early morning dew by laying a cloth on the grass collecting dew and squeezing it into our jar!

We must set our alarm to get up before sunrise on May 1st to wash our faces in the early morning dew collected. Celtic belief was that this would prevent freckles, sunburn, and wrinkles.

Love this old riddle…..

I washed my face in water that had neither rained nor run

And I dried it in a towel

That was neither woven or spun”

Meaning I washed my face in the early morning dew and let my face air dry!

Walking barefoot in the dew was believed to ease bunions and callouses! Any man who washed his hands in the dew would be well able to undo knots and the like!

Another option on May Day is to roll around in the buff for all-round health benefits! We might give that one a miss!


Did you know that Westport where we live is where Botox is made?

The Allergan/Abbie facility here in Westport is the sole manufacturing plant for Botox worldwide! It employs over 1000 people and is a great asset to the local economy.

Here’s hoping ( in vain) that OUR morning dew facial will work on those wrinkles!